Develop Technical Skills to Implement and Sustain Improvements


Develop Technical Skills

Re-design of patient pathways is often vital to improve organisational efficiency and the quality of service offered but, changing the way people work challenges the status quo which can be threatening and demoralising for staff.

MuMac Consultancy is able to provide technical skills needed to help organisation to deliver immediate and sustainable change:

  • Process Mapping- Many services and systems function as they do due to historical factors not because they were deigned that way. As public services modernise outdated systems and pathways of care need updating to become more efficient and effective. Operation of current services or pathways need to be examined before re-design can start.
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)- SPC measures variation which is inherent in all systems. This can cause delays in getting patients seen and targets to be unmet. SPC can help you to see the type of variation present, where it occurs and ultimately how it can be mastered.
  • Demand & Capacity – Do you know what demand there is on your systems? What capacity do you have to cope with the demand? Do you understand how the fluctuation in demand can cause queues if the capacity does not fluctuate in accordance with demand? Examination of current levels of both demand and capacity, and variation in both, helps to determine what can be redesigned to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Kate worked through the theory of capacity & demand and then creatively worked with real (anonymous) data supplied by our Trust which provided the edge to what we were trying to achieve. Her methodology and general ease of manner made the workshop an interesting, exciting and ultimately valid experience.

Ros Dougan

Service Manager, Clinical Sciences, North Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Trust


I have worked with Kate Mackay in a service process mapping capacity as our organisation looked to redesign services. Kate was excellent in utilising her extensive subject matter knowledge and helped shape our thinking through her facilitative and engaging style with teams.

NHS HR Manager