Provide Coaching and Mentoring


Provide Coaching and Mentoring

Empowering, supporting and enabling people to achieve their goals and career potential is an important aspect of self development. Coaching can be at a personal level or as part of work. Services include professional and performance coaching along with life coaching.


Coaching enables people to grow by learning and developing as people and professionals. They benefit from working with a coach who asks insightful questions in response to observed behaviour and language. Ultimately it encourages personal performance to improve. MuMac Consultancy’s senior partner is an Associate of the Association for Coaching.

Mentoring guides people within and through their career. MuMac Consultancy can provide one to one support particularly for those in the service improvement field.


I feel I have gained so much from the process [coaching] which will improve my performance as both employee and manager. The process has been enjoyable, challenging and rewarding and you have been a great guide through it.

Louisa Day

Strategic Manager: Equality & Participation, Children’s Services, Cumbria County Council.

Really excellent and enjoyed these [coaching] sessions. Kate was organised and gave great structure to the overall process as well as the sessions. Great listening skills. Always writes up sessions straightaway so I could re-read about them and helped me to stay on track.

Moneeza Iqbal

Senior Commissioning Manager for Planned Care, NHS Manchester.