Mumac Services

MuMac Consultancy provides a number of services to enable service delivery excellence. We focus on implementing effective and practical solutions within the public sector.


Our services can be tailored for clinicians, management professionals, administrators, non professional groups, groups across NHS organisational boundaries and individual Trust multi-disciplinary groups.


  • Technical Skills to Implement & Sustain Improvement – Supporting your staff to gain the technical skills needed to sustain improvements to service delivery and outcomes.
  • High Quality Teaching and Training – Helping your staff to acquire specialist skills to sustain improvements when facing change and re-organisation.
  • Patient and Public Involvement – (PPI) Supporting all aspects of Patient & Public Involvement designated work.
  • Coaching and Mentoring – Empowering and enabling people to achieve their goals and potential.
  • Facilitation Helping your staff to work together to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Project Management – Supporting organisations to plan, organise, motivate and control resources to achieve a specific objective.
  • Stakeholder Engagement – Working with people including patients, clinicians, managers, professions allied to medicine, directors and external organisations to ensure all those affected have the chance to develop their understanding and agree solutions on issues.

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